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2020 New Year Intention Setting

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new decade. With it comes a fresh opportunity to grab the reigns of life and steer. Whether taking a new direction, staying the course, or establishing an alternate route to your destiny, now is the best time to align with your soul's calling. Whatever the reason, you are reading this article because the universe is nudging you.

It isn't always easy to take a leap and resolve to make huge changes, and who says you have to? Often times, mental association with the word 'resolution' implies behavioral shifts that can be difficult, daunting, or overwhelming. Altering your perception of what it takes to become successful in your personal growth journey is one way to encourage any amount of progress.

If you’re a yogi, setting an intention is likely a part of your practice. For those new to yoga, it's common for classes to begin with an intention setting. Intentions are desires that we aspire to set in motion through the thoughts we think, words we speak, and actions we take. They can be simple, like dedicating your movement to gratitude for your body, or more complex, such as sending love to a friend, family member, stranger, or yourself. You can even set an intention for something like releasing judgment about how advanced your yoga practice or your tendency to judge others or yourself. Intentions are unique and varied. They can be as simple or intricate as you'd like.

To help you set your New Year’s intention, here is an important question and exercise to consider.

Does this intention bring you joy?

If making a shift in this direction will feel fulfilling and help you reach your highest self, you’re on the right track; however, if you’re filled with a sense of anxiety, overwhelm, or uncertainty, this is a sign that your intention may need to be modified. Setting an intention should feel pleasurable. It should fill you with the sense that you’re pursuing something meant for you.

Unsure how your intention makes you feel?

Take a moment to sit in silence. Notice your breath, and once it’s relaxed, even, and steady, envision yourself attaining your goal. What do you see, hear, taste, and smell? How does it feel? Let this sensory exercise inform you. If you aren’t filled with an abundant reaction, don’t worry. Let the feeling it brings you inform you on how to proceed. Consider whether or not you need to shift.

Now that you know what your intention entails, think about taking the first step. You don’t need to have every answer on how you will achieve your desired result. All you need to think about is what you can realistically do right now to move in that direction.

What can you start doing to become more aligned with your desire? Make a list of the ways you can realistically pivot or merge onto the path you feeling guided to take. Repeat this exercise as often as needed, and as you achieve your goals throughout the year. Share your New Year's Intentions with the Ohm Sweet Ohm community by leaving a comment. Remember, on this journey called life, we are in it together.


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